SecuX V20

SecuX V20

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SecuX V20 Cold Wallet

Vault-grade Hardware Wallet for NFT and Crypto

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1 year Manufacturer warranty + 3 Months Local 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty (from date of purchase).

Malaysia #𝟏 Hardware Wallet π‘πžπ¬πžπ₯π₯𝐞𝐫

From concept to product, the SecuX team of experts inspects safety and security features at all levels to deliver the highest-quality hardware wallet.

SecuX wallets are equipped with an Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+* Secure Element chip to securely store your PIN and Private Key, and authorize transactions without the private key ever leaving the device.

Such vault-grade and military level security enables zero transaction leakage, and surpasses those adopted by banking systems as protection from malicious online attacks.

The Largest touchscreen on the Market

With the 2.8-inch color touchscreen, you can verify all transaction details and navigate through your portfolio easily. You will never worry about transposing a digit or misreading a transfer wherever you are.

Cross-platform support via Bluetooth and USB

With your choice of mobile or desktop platforms, our SecuXess applications help you easily manage, send, and receive digital assets β€” anytime, anywhere.

1000+ Coins & Tokens Support

Can manage up to 500 accounts, with the private key securely stored inside to safeguard your assets on the blockchain network.

Product Dimension
1.5 cm x 9.8 cm x 9.8 cm

Product Weight
120 g

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