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18may2:00 pm6:00 pmBitcoin Workshop v3A hands on masterclass

31may2:00 pm1:00 amBitcoin Pizza Day 2024THE YEAR OF THE HALVING


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CryptoBilis Bitcoin Pizza Day

Pizza day 2023

Gathering 700 local cryptocurrency and Bitcoin enthusiasts in one place provides a unique opportunity for networking, celebrating, and fostering a sense of community within the crypto space and by inviting individuals who are immersed in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.

Location : Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur

Pizza day 2022

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2022 is a tradition to mark the birth of greater freedom and individual sovereignty. This one of a kind event here in Malaysia.

Location : Brick Studios, Damansara

IRL - CryptoBilis events (Kryptonitez Series)

Online Stream - CryptoBilis Goreng Series

      Save the date, 31st May 2024, as they say, its probably going to be, yet again, the Biggest Bitcoin Pizza Party in the World.