ELLIPAL Titan Twin Pack

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Ellipal supports 40 blockchains and over 10000 tokens, secure your Bitcoin, Ethereum and more crypto assets with the most secure air-gapped offline hardware wallet.

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ELLIPAL Titan Twin Pack

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Ellipal Titan Twin pack
  • Protection against remote attacks with this fully air gapped hardware wallet, relying only on QR code to transfer data. It does not rely on any connections such as USB, Wifi or Bluetooth. The ELLIPAL has a natural protection against network attacks.
  • Protection against physical attacks The only way to hack a wallet or install malware is to first open up the wallet and access the circuits inside. To eliminate any risk and doubts caused by this threat, the ELLIPAL Titan is now constructed from a single piece of metal to make a strongly sealed metal hardware wallet. It cannot be opened without destroying the circuits inside.
  • Improved user experience Added dark mode display. Other updates such as the finance function and exchanges can be updated in the App and is compatible with first ELLIPAL model.
  • Towards Experience -Mobile Oriented and dark mode -Large color touch screen trusted display -Works seamlessly with our one-stop application -Easy backup and recovery -Security adapter for offline firmware update and charging
  • 30 Blockchains Supported Adoption is key. We work fast to bring support to all of your favorite coins. New coins added once a month.
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